Hermitage for private prayer, sabbatical, or artists.

We have a brochure with a further description of the hermitage.  It contains a full size bed, table, rocking chair, kitchenette, and a full bathroom with a shower.  This provides space for quiet prayer, an extended retreat, a sabbatical, or some kind of artistic focus.  You can come for a couple days or a couple months or more.  Call us for more details.   575 524 3688 or programs@holycrossretreat.org

Who comes to the Hermitage?

  • Individuals who are in transition in their lives and discerning the next step in their journeys;
  • Those searching to deepen their faith life with extra quiet time.
  • Religious women and men, lay and ordained ministers, rabbis, people in healing professions, educators, writers, and others who need time away from their very busy lives of service.
  • Persons who feel something is missing—or are experiencing emptiness—and want to explore ways to live a more caring and fulfilling life.
  • Writers looking for a beautiful, comfortable place to focus
  • Artists who are looking for a time of creativity without interruptions.
  • People who do not know what they are looking for but know they need more silence and space to discover what they are seeking.
  • Persons who like to meditate in peace.