Mission, Vision, & Strategy


Holy Cross Retreat Center is an oasis of prayer and personal growth where people encounter Christ through Franciscan hospitality.


The Gospel and the Spirit of St. Francis of Assisi call us to welcome all in spiritual or physical need. In that spirit, Holy Cross Retreat
Center focuses on Franciscan Hospitality and Service. We see Christ in those who come for spiritual enrichment, whether within the Catholic, Christian or other religious traditions. Those coming for planning find a place of peace and comfort. As we are able, we provide facilities that permit a safe, caring space for those seeking personal or physical renewal, and hope for those who are in need. As St. Francis was called to “build my Church”, we through the Holy Spirit will support discernment and strive to expand our outreach to the poor and our capacity for midweek and non profit groups. “If you need and want to come to me for the sake of your soul or for some consolation, come.”(from letter of St. Francis to Brother Leo.) “May we be able to follow in the footprints of your beloved Son Jesus Christ.” (from the Letter to the Entire Order.)