Celebrating 60 years of Retreat Ministry in 2017!

The Dedication of the New Chapel was celebrated on Feb. 22, 2015.  Most everyone is quite pleased with the architecture, 
the artwork, and the windows in the Chapel.  It is now in use by larger groups and has enriched the retreat experience of all who come!  To read more about the art and architecture click here to review a booklet prepared for the Dedication.  (more pictures are added below.)


Interior view

This rock provides a holy water reminiscent of the rock which provided water in the desert as described in Exodus.

Margarito Mondragon, a santero from Las Vegas, NM has hand carved ten statues of Franciscans and saints of the Americas to greet you as you enter the rotunda.

The tabernacle and stand, along with the altar, ambo, chairs, and other pieces were constructed by the "Good Works Volunteers."  They did a fine job.
The altar and other pieces are made from Alder wood with the spiral cut done by Sidney Williamson, a craftsman in Las Cruces.

A fourteen foot tall cross made of poplar wood expresses the centrality of the cross in our faith, and the importance given by St. Francis of Assisi as he often used the prayer, "We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you, here and in all your churches throughout the whole world, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world."

The Stations of the Cross were designed and prepared by Virginia Romero, a local New Mexico artist.

Large vigas, or roof timbers focus the attention on the altar and the cross.

The stained glass windows were designed by Jeff Smith, and installed March 5, 2017 in the small chapels for the Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The images of Juan Diego (above) and Jesus welcome us to come and pray and enjoy the beauty of the light and color. 

How You Can Help

       The chapel was built in three phases. In phase one, the construction of the chapel along with sidewalks and parking facilities was completed.  Phases two and three focused on the interior furnishings, landscaping, and courtyard.

       The project has been funded using the contributions from the campaign in 2006, continuing donations from friends of the Retreat Center and friars, and income from those who come for retreats.  Memorial bricks along the sidewalk just outside the Chapel and name plates on a plaque inside the Chapel are still available for those who would like to support the ongoing ministry of Holy Cross Retreat Center, or give thanks to God.

       Your gift or your pledge to the chapel will help to sustain our ministry at Holy Cross Retreat Center now and for the future. Gifts may be made using a pledge card which can be downloaded, or you can use the online form below.  You can mail a check to Holy Cross Retreat Chapel at 600 Holy Cross Road, Mesilla Park, NM 88047, or you can donate here online.  


Other ways to contribute through stocks and bonds are listed below.  This could have advantages for you by reducing capital gains taxes and allowing you to make a larger gift.

Memorial Pavers are also be available with the name of someone included in the sidewalk in front of the chapel.  
Please call 575 524 3688 for more details.

Here some other ways to contribute 

The Holy Cross Retreat Center new chapel campaign offers opportunities for memorials to honor loved ones, living or deceased. Donors will find this an excellent means of expressing their love of God and his church, while at the same time participating substantially in the financing for the new chapel.

Donors who make a gift of $1,000 or more are offered the opportunity to have a brick paver engraved with their name and/or the name of someone else they choose to honor who is living or deceased. The pavers will be prominently displayed on the ground in the gathering area by the front doors of the new chapel.

In addition, donors who make a gift of $5,000 or more will have a plaque prominently displayed inside the chapel in their name. How can you help make this long held dream become a reality? PLEDGE COMMITMENTS. The suggested gift plans encourage financial commitments over a three or four year period.

Payment reminders will be sent in accordance with the payment schedule selected. You can download the pledge card by clicking on "pledge card" above.

A deferred payment plan enables donors to consider a more significant contribution to the campaign rather than a one time gift. OTHER TYPES OF GIVING... GIFTS OF SECURITIES, STOCKS AND BONDS... Securities which have appreciated in value and have been held for more than a year, offer two advantages for charitable giving:

1. You pay no tax on the capital gain from the appreciation

2. When transferred to Holy Cross Retreat Center, the full market value qualifies as a charitable contribution deduction.

Popular Deferred Gift Plans such as Life Insurance, Wills and Bequests, and Real Estate Properties are also welcome options for a contribution. Please check with your place of work to see if they have a program to match your donation.  
Both current employees, as well as retirees, may be eligible. We recommend that you check with your attorney, banker, or financial planner to determine which type of giving plan is most advantageous in your case.

Donations to the Retreat Center are tax-deductible.

Our suggested gift plans encourage financial commitments up to a four-year period.


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There will not be a 6:30pm mass on Aug. 23rd.  Fr. Tom will be leading a Pilgrimage to northern NM.

Holy Cross Retreat Center is sponsoring a Marriage Spirituality Retreat Aug. 25-27, 2017aug.  This is a weekend to enhance the spiritual life of a couple and to deepen the sense of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  The focus is more on growing in faith as a couple.  The suggested donation is $225.00-$250.00 per couple, or $100.00 for commuters.  To register or for more information, contact the Retreat Center at 600 Holy Cross Road, Mesilla Park, NM 88047, 575 524 3688,  If finances are a concern, we can assist. 

Outdoor mass with reception to celebrate the 60th anniversary -- Sunday September 24, at 2:00pm.  A meal will follow. Come join in the celebration!

Recovering Alcoholics/Alanon retreat led by Tom Weston--Sept 29-Oct. 1st.  Fr. Tom is very good at helping those who are in 12 step programs maintain their sobriety and deepen their spiritual life.  $102.00 for a shared room, $152. for a single room, $52.00 for a commuter.  Call 5 75 524 3688 to register.

Oct 20-22--"Come and See" weekend for young men interested in discerning a Franciscan vocation.   You can visit with friars and those in formation and pray about God's call.  No charge.

Franciscan Retreat for Secular Franciscans and others interested in Franciscan spirituality. Oct. 27-29th.  This weekend will enrich your sense of Franciscan spirituality in a welcoming, joyful atmosphere!