Holy Cross Retreat Center’s New Chapel

In the center of the rotunda is a large hewn rock with the living water of baptism flowing over it. On the perimeter walls, above two banco’s, are 10 nichos with wooden statues of saints who welcome and bless all who enter in preparation of entrance into the sacred space. From the rotunda, the visible 14′ cross coming out of the floor at the altar draws you forward across a short subdued transitional space into the sanctuary. In the sanctuary every part of the architecture leads you to the cross, the large vigas in the wood ceiling point to the cross, the arched layout of the seating focuses on the cross and the altar in front.

On one side of the altar is a small chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe which points to the cross, on the other side of the altar is a small chapel for the tabernacle which again points to the cross.

The cross is silhouetted by the windows in a sec­ond turret which encompasses the entire altar and the cross again with a soaring 20′ high ceiling. The Architecture creates a sense of spiritual experiences through the use of light, volume of spaces, natural materials of massive log vigas, stone, and contrasting white plaster, in a sacred place to contemplate in awe the presence of God. —Architect Bob Brotherton

Statues by Margarito Mondragon

St. Francis of Assisi-founder of the Franciscan Order and patron of Ecology

St. Clare of Assisi- founder of the Poor Clares contemplative Order of women

Blessed Miguel Pro—Jesuit martyred during the Cristero War in Mexico in 1927.

St. Katharine Drexel-founder of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, missionary to Native Americans in the Southwest, died 1955

San Judas Tadeo-one of the 12 apostles, patron of people in difficult circumstances

San Martin de Porres-Dominican from Lima, Peru, patron of interracial harmony, died 1639

St. John XXIII- Pope who initiated Vatican Council II, Secular Franciscan, died 1963

St. Kateri Tekawitha-first Native American saint, died 1680 patroness of the environment.

San Felipe de Jesus-first Mexican saint, patron of Mexico City, martyred 1597

Santa Rosa de Lima-patroness of Latin America, laywoman, and became first saint born in Amer¬icas in 1671.

Stations of the Cross by Virginia Romero

The primary impetus in Romero’s works emphasizes the realism and symbolism of Christ’s passion. Romero’s spiritual work is also regarded as demonstrating a deep respect for nature. In her own words: “My vision is that my work will inspire love and respect for each other and all living things, to promote a peaceful co-existence.

The Cross and Altar furniture were designed by Ken Griesemer and constructed by the Good Works Volunteers. The solid wood construction of the altar, ambo, tabernacle, and chairs complements the beauty of creation that comes through the clear windows. The gold of the tabernacle sparkles in the early morning sun, the cord below the Gospel Book refers to the vows |ofthe friars
who live and work in the spirit of St. Francis. Many thanks to all who have been a part of the design and construction of the interior furnishings.

The stained glass windows designed by Jeff Smith portray the beauty of light and color, with Jesus welcoming us to pray and before the Blessed Sacrament and share in the bread and fishes, while Juan Diego offers the roses to Our Lady of Guadalupe and calls us to quiet

The new 580 pound cast bronze bell from Verdin in Cincinnati was installed Feb. 4, 2016 in the tower above the front arch. It clear, resonating sound draws people to prayer and to rejoice in this beautiful Chapel in our Franciscan tradition.

Pope Francis titled his encyclical on the environment “Laudato, Si!” in honor of Canticle of St. Francis of Assisi praising God in all creation.

Our eyes naturally view the beauty of the pecan trees, the Ro¬sary Walk, and the mountains during the winter through the large clear windows. A more subdued ambience is striking after dark with the options for dimmed and fo¬cused light.

In the center of all is the love of St. Francis for the cross, and his prayer based on an ancient liturgical text: “We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you, here and in all your churches through¬out the whole world, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.”

The Holy Cross Retreat Center new chapel campaign offers opportunities for memorials to honor loved ones, living or deceased. Donors will find this an excellent means of expressing their love of God and his church, while at the same time participating substantially in the financing for the new chapel.

Donors who make a gift of $1,000 or more are offered the opportunity to have a brick paver engraved with their name and/or the name of someone else they choose to honor who is living or deceased. The pavers will be prominently displayed on the ground in the gathering area by the front doors of the new chapel.

In addition, donors who make a gift of $5,000 or more will have a plaque prominently displayed inside the chapel in their name. How can you help make this long held dream become a reality? PLEDGE COMMITMENTS. The suggested gift plans encourage financial commitments over a three or four year period.

Payment reminders will be sent in accordance with the payment schedule selected. You can download the pledge card by clicking on “pledge card” above.

A deferred payment plan enables donors to consider a more significant contribution to the campaign rather than a one time gift. OTHER TYPES OF GIVING… GIFTS OF SECURITIES, STOCKS AND BONDS… Securities which have appreciated in value and have been held for more than a year, offer two advantages for charitable giving:

1. You pay no tax on the capital gain from the appreciation

2. When transferred to Holy Cross Retreat Center, the full market value qualifies as a charitable contribution deduction.

Popular Deferred Gift Plans such as Life Insurance, Wills and Bequests, and Real Estate Properties are also welcome options for a contribution. Please check with your place of work to see if they have a program to match your donation. Both current employees, as well as retirees, may be eligible. We recommend that you check with your attorney, banker, or financial planner to determine which type of giving plan is most advantageous in your case.

Donations to the Retreat Center are tax-deductible. Many thanks to all those who contributed financially or as dedicated volunteers.

Our suggested gift plans encourage financial commitments up to a four-year period.

We are currently raising funds to install two professional high output projectors in the chapel which may run $10,000

Holy Cross Retreat Center has a full schedule of retreats, private retreats, and day programs for those who might seek spiritual renewal.

May Holy Cross Chapel be a place of reverence and praise for you and all.

Retreats and Services


Catholic & non-Catholic retreat groups from churches and organizations. ACTS retreats, retreats on Franciscan and Christian themes.


Catholic & non-Catholic clergy religious sisters, deacons, assemblies and week long retreats from New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Mexico.


Universities, public and private school administrators and teachers,planning and training seminars, borders experiences.

Marriage Programs

Engaged Encounters, and marriage spiritually retrreats. Our marriage retreats are more than a couple’s weekend retreat. Come join us

12 Step Programs

Recovering Alcoholics and Alanon retreats. The best choice that you can make for yourself is to enter treatment for your alcohol addiction.


Social organizations such as Serra Club, Secular Franciscans, Meditation groups, as well as staff meeting of service oriented groups.

Day Programs

Day Programs and Parish Missions are available on site or at other locations upon request. Take time for yourself, be renewed and draw closer to God

Private Retreats

When you need time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Call the office to set up a time.Get away from the ordinary demands of life.

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Holy Cross Retreat Center is an oasis of prayer, study, and reflection located near Las Cruces in southern New Mexico. The Center is committed to fostering an atmosphere in the Franciscan tradition where all those who seek spiritual and personal growth will find a welcome.
While focusing on Catholic spirituality, Holy Cross respects people of all faiths and hosts various retreats, conferences, as well as private retreatants. The friars lead programs for English and Spanish speaking groups and provide hospitality to cancer patients and others in need.

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