Celebrating 60 years of Retreat Ministry in 2017!


September 3 & 4, 2016

9:00am till 5:00pm Saturday and 10:00 till 4:00 Sunday

(Please note change in times)

              Rules, fees, and Information

Feb. 25, 2016


If you wish to register, please complete the registration form for artists or food vendors and send to Holy Cross Retreat Center with your payment.


The Franciscan Festival of Fine Art is sponsored by the Holy Cross Retreat Center (HCRC) to promote appreciation for fine artists and their work.  All participants are approved by a committee with a desire to present the highest quality arts.  All proceeds from the festival support the activities of the Retreat Center.



Please make every effort to place your work in the appropriate category. All “Other” applications

must include an accurate description of the work to be exhibited.  The committee reserves the right to re-categorize any application.

*Painting *Drawing/Prints *Jewelry *Photography *Sculpture *Wood *Metal Work *Musical

Instruments *Glass *Textiles *Ceramics, Pottery *Leather*Gourd Art *Mixed Media* Other



The committee will review the digital photos of each entrant and select the exhibitors. The

following criteria will be taken into consideration: quality of work, originality, artistic

design and marketability. Categories are limited. Once each category is full, a ranked wait list will be compiled, and those on the wait list will be offered spaces as they become available. Work must be original and executed by the exhibiting artist, who must be present during the show.  No imported, kit, or commercial objects will be accepted.  Art fashioned by someone other than those present in the booth is not acceptable.  The intent is fine art festival rather than a craft festival.  No T-shirts or caps with reproductions of art will be allowed.  Any items with reproductions of the artist’s work must be submitted in additional photos for consideration by the committee.



The Annual Franciscan Festival of Fine Arts will be held at Holy Cross Retreat Center, 600 Holy

Cross Road, Mesilla Park, New Mexico, just south of Las Cruces.   Approximately 80-90 artist booth spaces will be available.  All spaces are 10’ X 10’ and a double space is 10’ X 20”. Exhibitors must supply their own shade structure, tables, and chairs.  There will be a limited number of spaces inside a conference room and retreat rooms around the side. 



Three digital images (preferred) or three color pictures must be submitted with each application, via the web site , email (jpeg, png, or gif format), or postal mail.  One must include the artist at work.  Artist’s name and category must appear on the front if using a CD.  CDs of artists accepted into the Festival can be returned at check-in. By submitting images of your work, you agree that any and all images submitted may be used for publicity purposes without compensation to the artist.  If the artist was a participant during the 2016 Art Festival, it is not necessary to submit new photos, but you may do so if you wish.  The pictures will normally be included on our website.


You can download and print an application and view more information at  or request a form from Holy Cross Retreat Center.  When you have finished, send your application and mail it.  Once accepted the full cost must be sent to Holy Cross Retreat Center to reserve the space.  A single artist entering more than one category must submit one completed application.  Copies of the application form are acceptable.


Two artists may share a booth space ($25.00 registration fee per additional artist) only upon acceptance of both artists by the committee. Each artist must submit a separate application, and photos. Applications should be mailed together.  Please designate one person as responsible for the fees. Booth space location and other requests will be honored to the best of Holy Cross Retreat Center’s ability in the order received, once all fees have been paid in full.  Artists with special needs and/or requests must include these with the original application.


Application postmark or online submission deadline is July 1, 2016, or they will be considered late. Applications submitted after July 1st will need to pay a late fee of $25.  Returning artists and vendors may not receive the same location if you register after July 1st.



Each year, artists are invited to submit a design for the poster promoting the Franciscan Festival of Fine Arts.  We suggest that it have some Franciscan or religious theme since it promotes the Holy Cross Retreat Center as well but it is not necessary.  (The art for the festival is not expected to be religious.) The design must be submitted before May 18th.  The artist chosen will not be charged the booth fee.  This poster will be distributed widely as part of the advertising. 



All vendors are required to sign a “hold harmless” agreement indicating that Holy Cross Retreat

Center is not responsible for damages, loss, or injuries.  (A copy will be available on the website or at HCRC.)  It is suggested that vendors consider their own homeowners or other policies to cover possible loss.  HCRC is not responsible for in the event of theft or weather damages.


FEES for Artists

1.  Booth Space Fees: All booth spaces are 10 feet by 10 feet.

• One Space 10’ X 10’: $150.00 • Double Space 10’ X 20’: $280.00

• Additional artist sharing a booth space: $25.00.

* Limited space is available in a conference room, 10 x10 as with the outdoor spaces.

* A limited number of retreat rooms can be requested for exhibit space.  This can be in addition to an outdoor space or alone.  These are normally guest rooms, and the beds will be stored in the bathroom or back area.  You can rearrange the room, but you are required to return it to the original configuration before leaving.  Nothing can be attached or nailed to the walls, and a covering to protect the carpet is required.  The cost is $200.00 including use of the air conditioner.   The booth fee for those in the Large Conference room is $175.00 because of the added security and shade.

2.  For those outside, the electrical fee is $20.00 if you want to connect an electrical cord to our outlet.  No gasoline powered generators are allowed because of the noise.

3.  Storage room rental fee is $35.00 per night.  (No resting on the beds, overnight stay, or use of the showers is allowed)  Extra $20.00 for the weekend if you want to use the air conditioner.

4.  Overnight guest room fee is $55.00 per night.   These will generally be on the second floor or in another building to allow first floor rooms for display.

5. Late Fee: $25 for applications hand-delivered, postmarked or received online after July 1st.

6. Make checks or money orders payable to: Holy Cross Retreat Center.  A $25 return check fee will be charged on all checks returned for insufficient funds. Applicants will be notified in such instances and all fees must be paid with a money order or cashier’s check within 10 days of notification.

7.  Artists also need to get a vendor permit from Doña Ana County.  A copy is available on the website at, from HCRC, or from the County Clerk Office .  This permit costs $5.00 per day ($10.00 for Festival), or $35.00 per year.



SILENT AUCTION:  A silent auction is made possible by artists’ donations to the Holy Cross Retreat Center, and income from the auction helps support the activities of the Retreat Center. As part of the entry fee each artist is expected to contribute an item that is representative of your best work—an item of average or higher value. To enable us to best display this work, please bring your donation during August or have your donation available when you check in on Friday. Vendors who do so will receive an invitation to a reception for artists on Friday evening, and rolls and beverages each morning during the festival.   Artists will not be able to view the silent auction items between 4:00 and 5:30pm on Sunday when people are being called.  We appreciate your cooperation.  If you wish to know how much your piece sold for, contact the office in the week after the festival.  



Those selling food will receive a 12x 12 space near the courtyard where the artists display.  The charge will be $225.00, plus $25.00 for electricity if requested.  If you anticipate a significant amount of smoke, we will need to consider a different location for food preparation, though you can still sell in the same area as the others if preferred.

A New Mexico Environment Department Permit will be required to sell food items at the event.  The application is available from HCRC, online at our website, or at the State of New Mexico Environment Department Office, 1170 N. Solano Dr. Suite M, Las Cruces, NM 575 524

6300.  There is no charge for a two day event.  The permits can be faxed to the County office at 575 526 3891. There are instructions for food preparation for the vendors as well.



SET-UP: Friday, September 2nd , from 9-5 pm.   Saturday, September 3rd , from 7-9 am for final touchup.   Indoor artists can inquire about setting up earlier in the week to reduce the crowd on Friday.  Exhibitors who have not called or checked in by 7:00 pm Friday, September 2nd will be considered a no-show and will forfeit their booth and payment.   Call (575) 649-8202 to report a delay.  Some vehicles can drive on the concrete sidewalk only for unloading at the side of the walkway, then the vehicle must immediately be moved.  (Driving on the grass could damage irrigation equipment.)  We ask that you respect those coordinating this effort.  The drive behind the rooms will be one way.  Please pull your vehicle completely to the side near the building to avoid blocking others who want to pass.  You can exit along the gravel road to the south of the property or return through the upper parking lot in back.


TEARDOWN: The Festival runs from 9:00 till 5:00 Saturday and 10:00 till 4:00 on Sunday.  NO EARLY TEARDOWN on Sunday is allowed.  Limited vehicles will be allowed on the Festival site concrete walkway after 4:00 pm on Sunday. When you have everything ready and stacked by the walkway, you may perhaps drive a vehicle into the courtyard area to load and then return to the parking area, but you cannot leave it blocking the drive.   Please leave your booth space clean. Remove all trash to appropriate receptacles.  If you use the back road for loading, you must be as close to the building as possible and not leave doors open, to allow others to pass.   It is possible also to leave using the gravel road along the south of the property.

PARKING:   There is no vehicle access to the courtyard during the festival.  A designated area for parking by the vendors will be available south and east of the rooms, and a ticket will be given at the time of registration to allow entry to this area. Limit two vehicles in this area per booth.  If you have a trailer, please park where it will not interfere with normal parking patterns.   Please write your name and cell phone number on the tag when you receive it and place it in the windshield area during the festival so we can contact you if there is a problem. 

NO PETS, except service animals, are allowed on the Festival site by the vendors.

SECURITY:  There is no official overnight security on Friday and Saturday nights.  Participants exhibit all work at their own risk. HCRC will not be responsible for damage, theft, or loss of any exhibitor’s work, display or decorations during or after exhibition hours.  HCRC is not responsible for loss due to weather events either.  Exhibitors should make arrangements with their own insurance companies for proper coverage.  You can rent a room for storage if you are concerned.

SALES TAX:  You are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax in Doña Ana County as needed.

RESTRICTIONS: Work displayed must reflect the quality of artwork depicted in the application images and an exhibitor may only display work in the accepted category(ies). Do not bring work for which you were not accepted. Festival management reserves the right to remove exhibits that have been falsely entered or that are unsuitable or objectionable. This includes music, noise, animals, scents, printed materials or anything else that the management finds objectionable.  Refunds will not be given in these cases.

PUBLICITY: During the Festival, photographers working for the Holy Cross Retreat Center will be photographing or videotaping the event. By submitting an application, all artists agree to be photographed or videotaped by HCRC representatives.  Photos and videos become the sole

property of HCRC and may be used for publicity purposes, without compensation to any persons in the photos or videos.

REFUNDS: An artist accepted into the Franciscan Fine Arts Festival may cancel and receive one-half of their pre-paid booth space fee and all other fees if HCRC is notified on or before August 15, 2015. After that date, booth fees will not be refunded.

ARTISTS’ DEMONSTRATIONS: Artists are encouraged to demonstrate their talents. Festivalgoers enjoy watching the creative process and you, as an artist, will gain attention.



May 18, 2016 Deadline for poster submission.

July 1, 2016  Applications must be received at HCRC or postmarked to avoid the late fee.

July 15th Notification of acceptance will be delivered within 4 weeks of application or by July 15th if not earlier.

August 1st Artists can bring silent auction items to the Retreat Center if they wish, or they can be given during the booth set up time. 

August 15th Final day to cancel and receive refund for ½ of prepaid booth space fee, and other fees.

September 2nd   Artist check-in/booth set-up, 9:00am till 5:00pm.

Saturday morning. 8:30am—booth blessing for those who would like it.

September 3rdth and  4th !!  Franciscan Fine Arts Festival 9:00am till 5:00pm on Saturday and 10:00 till 4:00 on Sunday.

Sunday, Sept. 4th, Catholic Mass at 9:00am in the New Chapel.


Any questions or issues not covered here will be resolved by representatives of the Holy Cross Retreat Center and the planning committee.  We appreciate your participation and we look forward to a special Festival!



There will not be a 6:30pm mass on Aug. 23rd.  Fr. Tom will be leading a Pilgrimage to northern NM.

Holy Cross Retreat Center is sponsoring a Marriage Spirituality Retreat Aug. 25-27, 2017aug.  This is a weekend to enhance the spiritual life of a couple and to deepen the sense of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  The focus is more on growing in faith as a couple.  The suggested donation is $225.00-$250.00 per couple, or $100.00 for commuters.  To register or for more information, contact the Retreat Center at 600 Holy Cross Road, Mesilla Park, NM 88047, 575 524 3688,  If finances are a concern, we can assist. 

Outdoor mass with reception to celebrate the 60th anniversary -- Sunday September 24, at 2:00pm.  A meal will follow. Come join in the celebration!

Recovering Alcoholics/Alanon retreat led by Tom Weston--Sept 29-Oct. 1st.  Fr. Tom is very good at helping those who are in 12 step programs maintain their sobriety and deepen their spiritual life.  $102.00 for a shared room, $152. for a single room, $52.00 for a commuter.  Call 5 75 524 3688 to register.

Oct 20-22--"Come and See" weekend for young men interested in discerning a Franciscan vocation.   You can visit with friars and those in formation and pray about God's call.  No charge.

Franciscan Retreat for Secular Franciscans and others interested in Franciscan spirituality. Oct. 27-29th.  This weekend will enrich your sense of Franciscan spirituality in a welcoming, joyful atmosphere!